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EMC Test Chambers – LabEvent

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Temperature Tests with Electromagnetic Shielding

The compact and electromagnetically shielded LabEvent EMC Test Chambers ensure reliable temperature tests from -65 to + 100 °C. They feature the web-based user interface WEBSeason® and operate on the eco-friendly refrigerant R449A. The test chambers are available in six versions with test chamber volumes ranging from 20 to 210 litres.

EMC Shielding according to IEC 61000-5-7-2001

LabEvent EMC Test Chambers have an EMC protection >50 dB  in the range of 0.5 - 3.0 GHz. This guarantees their interference immunity toward electromagnetic influences from the environment and at the same time prevents interference emission according to IEC 61000-5-7-2001. Therefore, they are suited especially for repeatable temperature tests in a shielded environment to verify the electromagnetic compatability of the samples.

Easy, web-based operation

Thanks to the innovative WEBSeason® user interface the test chambers are easy to operate even by tablet or smartphone. This provides a new dimension of flexiblity and ease of use. As an option they can be equipped with the SIMPATI® Software for operation, documentation and filing.

Rugged and low-maintenance

The rugged plug&play test chambers are made of corrosion-resistant 1.4301 stainless steel. Thanks to special welding and smooth surfaces they are easy to clean. Easily accessible maintenance elements and integrated diagnostics and inspection systems ensure the highest level of ease of maintenance. Thanks to the eco-friendly refrigerant R449A with an GWP value of just 1397 they are particularly future-proof and are already surpassing today the future statutory standards of 2030.

Compact and versatile

LabEvent Test Chambers are available in six versions and allow temperature tests from -65 to +100 °C. The test chamber volume varies between 20 and 210 litres with a footprint between 0,25 m² for the benchtop unit and 1 m² for the stationary model. According to customer requirements the test chambers can be equipped with various options.

More information can be found at www.weiss-technik.com

weisstechnik EMC Test Chamber LabEvent
weisstechnik EMC Benchtop Temperature Test Chamber LabEvent
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