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12.-15. November 2024 | Messe München
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WRG is a hi-tech enterprise focused on PCB Relays and Power Semiconductors


WRG is a modern hi-tech company operating in the European market since 2015. It started off with relay technology before expanding into semiconductor manufacturing.
Its “state of the art” production plants ensure ultra-reliable products in both the relay technology and semiconductor segments, competing with all the well-known players in the European market, as well as serving customers worldwide.
Beside a semiconductor R&D center in China and South Korea, in 2021 WRG built a cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing site with an output of 720.000 pieces of 8-inch power device wafer.
WRG operates in Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) mode, integrating chip design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and benchmarking the product standards of the most important customers in the world.



WangRong Electronics Industrial Park, Wudongdian, Biyang Town,Yi County, 245500 Huangshan City, China
Kontakt Vertrieb
Herr Livio Azzoni
Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing Director
Starday Srl
Kontakt Technik
Herr Alessandro Vitali
Technical Marketing
Relays - Technical Marketing Eng.
Starday Srl
Kontakt Technik
Herr Stefano Rolli
Technical Marketing
Semiconductors - Technical Marketing Director
Starday Srl