Weltleitmesse und Konferenz der Elektronik
12.-15. November 2024 | Messe München
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Broadlake Co., Ltd.

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Your requirements we fulfill it with 40 years experiences of OEM metal parts.


BROADLAKE CO., LTD. is an all-around manufacturing company with wide ranges of aluminum parts and metal works. Nowadays we deal fairly with worldwide customers not only stamped parts but also heat sink for electronic companies.

40 years experiences of manufacturing metal parts, now we’re making more powerful and reliable products to combine of new advanced technologies. Our team has endeavored the manufacturing possibilities by their technical skills. 

Insist on customer satisfaction and trust follows solidify company organization with integrated and balanced management activities to satisfy customer’s needs and expectations.

Broadlake is always with you make your design realization broader. We have confidence to show capabilities for full types of products and good after-sales-service.


Broadlake Co., Ltd.
No. 316-58 PA Teh 1st Road,, Kaohsiung City 800-50, Taiwan (Chinesisch-Taipeh)