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Apacer launches rugged memory XR-DIMM building incomparable reliability

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Apacer’s rugged memory XR-DIMM uses the innovative board-to-board connector design to fit tightly and securely onto the motherboard. In addition, it adopts the highly durable 300-pin connector and mounting holes to effectively prevent memory modules from dislocating or coming away due to vibration or strong impact. This greatly improves the reliability of memory signal transmissions, serving as the strongest support for applications working under severe environments.

The XR-DIMM’s sealed board-to-board connector is designed to cope with the severe environments of automotive electronics and defense and aerospace fields, avoiding the traditional memory’s gold finger’s problem of possible oxidation when exposed to outdoor contaminating environments. Also, the XR-DIMM’s Undefill technology further strengthens its anti-vibration ability and thermal shock resistance. Meanwhile, the Apacer XR-DIMM also supports the guaranteed industrial grade Wide-Temp chips and has a built-in thermal sensor to monitor the memory’s temperature, effectively preventing the memory module from overheating. Additionally, the Conformal Coating and Anti-Sulfuration technology ensure that the products can operate stably not only under humid and dusty environments but also environments where sulfur-containing gases pervade, providing a whole new option in industrial-grade memory.

Apacer XR-DIMM’s connector design meets the anti-vibration and anti-shock standards of MIL-STD-810 and ANSI/VITA 47-2005. XR-DIMM is compatible with DDR4 2133/2400 specification, supports ECC function and comes in two capacity choices of 8 GB and 16 GB. Having innovative anti-vibration design and multiple protection technologies, Apacer’s XR-DIMM is the world’s only memory product that is not only anti-vibration, high and low temperature resistant, but also anti-humidity, anti-dust and anti-sulfuration.

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Sales & Tech support: sales@apacer.nl

Press support: sammi_chen@apacer.nl


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