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MTA - SIC, a single computer for a Multi Display System

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MTA, a multinational company headquartered in Italy, known for the development and production of a wide range of electromechanical and electronic products for major OEMs, presents at Electronica show (Hall B4, Stand 536) the latest version of its In-Vehicle Infotainment system which is installed on a show-car, in order to introduce visitors to its offer related to on-board multimedia technologies and connectivity.

Thanks to the know-how acquired in recent years in the development of intelligent dashboards and displays for different OEMs, featuring graphics with fast dynamics and very high-performance processors, MTA is able to offer a complete “In-Vehicle” system with state-of-the-art specifications featuring an “intelligent” central unit.  In order to provide this, MTA has recently signed an agreement with Elektrobit, a global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. The partnership between EB and MTA has so far led to the creation of a hardware platform featuring an Android operating system, which largely allows for the integration of custom applications, thus increasing the system’s full potential.

The central unit of the MTA system is developed based on a flexible and powerful architecture that makes use of the Jacinto 6 multicore microprocessor produced by Texas Instruments, which is renowned for its high computing power. It can handle up to 4 Full HD displays inside the vehicle, as well as collect and convey the information coming from the vehicle, the images from cameras through BroadR-reach technology, and from wireless connectivity.

Furthermore, the unit is ready to be quickly adapted for additional functions based on specific customer requirements. In addition to allowing the integration of information, the presence of this “electronic heart” makes the display and the central dashboard become external devices of the system, thereby enabling OEMs to easily replace them in the transition from one vehicle application to another.

In developing its HMI system, MTA not only focused on the electronic central unit content, but also paid attention to make it user-friendly, for a completely safe drive, cooperating with specialised companies for this purpose.

MTA booth at Electronica show will host a show car fitted with the central unit and 5 displays, to show the visitor what MTA can offer in the field of multimedia and connectivity technologies inside the vehicle. The show car features a large reconfigurable Full HD 12” main dashboard that provides the driver with information; a multi-touch 12” central display which manages the infotainment features; an 8” entertainment passenger display; two multi-touch 8” displays for the entertainment of back-seat passengers.

The show car is also directly linked to a smartphone; for this feature MTA integrates MirrorLink functions. In this way the smartphone user interface can be seen in the central display, with graphics adapted to the typical use and safety requirements for vehicles.

MTA - The latest version of MTA In-Vehicle Infotainment system installed on a show-car
MTA - The latest version of MTA In-Vehicle Infotainment system installed on a show-car
MTA - The latest version of MTA In-Vehicle Infotainment system installed on a show-car
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