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DYNAFORCE – ‘touch’ operation on metal fronts

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The Algra Group has made the identification of contact on metal easier than ever before with DYNAFORCE input technology. The strain gauge technology makes it possible to operate input fronts made of rigid metal by gentle key pressure. Touching the keys generates a mechanical deformation for sheet thicknesses of 0.3 to 1.2 mm that are evaluated by the system as a change in resistance. DYNAFORCE prevents keys from popping out and no movable parts are required. This makes the keypad water-resistant, robust and durable.

’Metal touch with DYNAFORCE is incredibly sensitive, yet unsusceptible to interference’, said Dieter Matter, CEO, Algra Group. Each key features a strain gauge on a centralised PCB. The network of strain gauges detects the minutest mechanical deformations and filters out disruptive signals thanks to intelligent evaluation. Typical areas of application include products such as household goods, industry and outdoor devices with special aesthetic design and products that must be highly robust and waterproof.

Advantages of the DYNAFORCE input technology:

- High level of design exclusivity Glove-sensitive operation: Operation is just as sensitive with gloves on as without.

- Highest water protection rating

- Very high vandalism protection

- Dynamic key sensitivity

- High temperature operational capability: Temperature range of –40°C to +85°C

- Long service life: no moving parts and no wear and tear

- Easy assembly: Assembly using self-adhesive tape (peel-and-stick).

- Each key layout possible: The key arrangement is, taking into account the minimum distances, freely selectable.


The Algra Group has made the identification of contact on metal easier than ever before with
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Algra tec AG

Dieter Matter

Rigistrasse 1

5634 Merenschwand

Phone: +41 56 675 45 30


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