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amcoss special equipment for production and laboratory

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Feldkirch, Austria. Besides its amc-series spin coaters and developers amcoss GmbH also develops and produces equipment and devices for special applications in production processes, for single-unit production or small-lot fabrication in laboratories.

amcoss single machine for HMDS adhesion

Conventional coating equipment often will meet their limits when it comes to HMDS adhesion. amcoss amc hmds200 (a batch machine) on the contrary, has been explicitly developed for HMDS adhesion - even for MEMS applications. One of its great advantages is the carrier station, which holds up to 50 wafers (8 inch maximum) within two carriers that can all be processed at the same time. Compared to single-wafer-processing, output – and consequently – profitability, can be increased enormously. Besides, coating damages, very frequent in single-wafer-handling, can be excluded. There are two lot-control sensors that detect and register the number of carriers.

The HMDS stainless steel process chamber has got an integrated HMDS vaporizer with controlled N2 flow. Furthermore, HMDS concentration is being constantly monitored and exhaustion controlled. Thanks to these features the process can be monitored and controlled at all times which increases security and reduces defective production, reject and nonconformity costs at the same time. Our longtime proven amc software which is also used in the amc coaters controls the whole process. It guarantees reliable process control and simple, comfortable recipe writing.

amcoss amh series temperature control units

With its amh series temperature control units amcoss GmbH offers economic solutions for heating or cooling of etching processes in AMAT and LAM equipment. OEM temperature control units are very costly or – depending on the age of etching equipment – no longer available in the market. Alternative equipment can only be used after laborious and individual modifications by the users themselves. That is where amcoss enters the stage: with all our amh-devices we offer comfortable plug & play solutions – immediately operable devices, which only need to be plugged in to function instantly.

amcoss devices on the one hand replace temperature control units such as Neslab Steelhead 0 and 1, AMAT 0 and 1 Heat Exchangers and Neslab Endura in a temperature range between 30°C and 95°C. On the other hand they are an alternative to LAM Dual Loop as well as AMAT Centura Chillers Neslab HX 150 and HX 300 in a temperature range between 4°C and 40°C.  

amcoss uses proprietary interfaces and other configurational features that can be individually chosen. With all amh temperature control units amcoss customers do profit in various ways: they will receive flexible devices tailored to their individual process requirements, they will save time and money because they don´t have to do any adaptations themselves, there are no longer any time-consuming sourcing processes and amcoss equipment is more economic than original chillers.

amcoss amc r&d coaters for single-item or small-lot production

For the coating of wafers in the diameter range of 2 inches up to 450mm for small lot production, as for example in r&d laboratories, amcoss offers the amc r&d spin coater and developer with manual substrate handling. These coaters are being equipped with the same high-quality processing modules as the fully automated coaters of the amc series except for the wafer handling robot. Type and number of processing modules is determined by the customer, so that every device will be individual and adjusted to the customers´ needs. The integrated wafer-centring-system can be handled manually. With its r&d coater and "reduction to the essential" amcoss GmbH is able to offer an equipment that allows cost-effective operation even at small quantities.

amcoss amc hmds200 batch equipment for HMDS coating for the processing of 50 wafers up to a size of 8 inch at the same time.
amcoss amh-090-a heat exchanger for temperatures ranging from 30° to 95°C.
Our press contact

amcoss GmbH
Leusbundtweg 49a
6800 Feldkirch

phone  +43 5522 209 50
telefax  +43 5522 209 50-9

Press contact:

Petra Brandenburg
phone  +43 5522 209 50-41

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