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amcoss Heat Exchangers – a cost saving alternative

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Alternative Plug-and-Play Chillers for Convenient Use in Etching Processes

Feldkirch, Austria. The Austrian High-Tech company amcoss GmbH offers with its Heat Exchangers and adapted Chillers a very attractive cost-performance-ratio and therefore is an excellent alternative to expensive OEM devices.

The amh 090-90-9-a Heat Exchanger developed by amcoss as well as the adapted SMC Chillers constitute perfect and competitive solutions for heating and cooling in etching processes of AMAT and LAM equipment.

All OEM temperature control units are very expensive or even – depending on the age of the respective etching equipment - no longer available in the market. Alternative devices sometimes can only be operated after lengthy adaptations by the customer themselves. That is where amcoss enters the stage: with all of our amh devices we do offer comfortable Plug & Play solutions - that are immediately operable. 

amcoss´ amh Heat Exchanger has been devised in order to replace temperature control units such as Neslab-Steelhead 0 and 1, AMAT 0 and 1 as well as Neslab Endura in the temperature range from 30°C to 90°C. The amcoss heat exchanger supports various remote interfaces such as AMAT 5000 analog, Digital IO, CHX, RS-485 etc. Besides, there are different connectors (Parker, Swagelok, etc.) for liquid media available. The customer may specify the number of connectors for media in- or outlets. The resistivity sensor controls resistivity of the cooling medium and also regulates its deonization. So, resistivity of the cooling medium remains stable which also guarantees processes that are stable and secure. Operation with 2 heating elements relieves the whole heating unit as well as the liquid and helps to increase output and lifetime of the equipment.

Our adapted Chillers amh-024, -050 and -60 do replace e.g. LAM Dual Loop and AMAT Centura, Neslab HX 150 and HX300 and are being used to cool electrodes, electrostatic chucks and ozone generators in the temperature range of 4°C - 40°C. amcoss applies proprietary interfaces and so converts these chillers into specialized ones to be used on LAM and AMAT platforms. Extra, customized fittings as for example fluid connectors can naturally be chosen.

amcoss customers will profit in many ways from temperature control units of the amh type: they do receive flexible devices tailored to their individual process requirements. This helps to save time and money because customers do not have to make any adaptations on their own. Moreover, sourcing becomes easier, for amcoss devices are considerably more economic than OEM chillers.

amcoss Heat Exchanger amh-090-9-a with Plug & Play Function for temperatures between 30°C and 90°C.
amh-024, -050 and -060 special chillers with proprietary interfaces for the use in LAM and AMAT platforms in the temperature range from 4°C to 40°C.
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amcoss GmbH
Leusbundtweg 49a
6800 Feldkirch

phone  +43 5522 209 50
telefax  +43 5522 209 50-9

Press contact:

Petra Brandenburg
phone  +43 5522 209 50-41

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