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amcoss GmbH - general overview

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Company Information

amcoss GmbH, Leusbundtweg 49a, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria
Company owner/director:  Dipl.-Ing. David Marcel Erne
Founding year:  2008
Legal form:  GmbH - limited liability corporation
Industrial sector:  Microsystems Technology, Semiconductor
  Technology, Wafer, Processing, Spin Coating &

amcoss in general - overview

amcoss GmbH is an innovative high-tech company operating in the semiconductor and microsystems technology market. It is located in an industrial region dominated by small and medium-sized businesses in the most western part of Austria. amcoss stands for years of experience in the field of wafer and substrate coating and developing. The company designs and builds spin coater and developer not only for standard, but also for complex, specialized applications.

Moreover, amcoss has surpassing expert knowledge in optics and mechatronics. We design, manufacture and repair hiqh-quality components, including refurbishment of special coatings for photolithography, RTP, CVD, EPI, coating, metrology and plasma. Equipment manufacturers sometimes only offer expensive original parts and sometimes for older machines they no longer offer any spare parts at all. And there are hardly any specialists who are able to repair complex components in an appropriate manner. It is the declared goal of amcoss to fight this trend.

An additional field of activity are individually prepared heat exchanger and chiller which are instantaneously ready for use in the customer´s machine due to compatible interfaces. Well known manufacturers in the semiconductor and microsystems technology business are our customers.

amcoss´s headquarters is located in the city of Feldkirch, in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, from where the company sells its products and services all over the world. There you will also find the R&D department with its laboratory, equipped with very special, high-precision measuring devices and a cleanroom attached. Our experts design and build components, develop processes and carry through professional refurbishments and measurements. amcoss is on a worldwide scale cooper­ating with strong, specialized partners in order to develop high-end components and solutions.


Our competences in substrate coating_

// Development and production of spin coating and development equipment for the photolithography industry
// Development of process modules
// Software-design
// Development of innovative equipment features
// Development and production of special equipment (HDMS, R&D)

Our competences in optics_

// Production of plane and curved optical components
// Thin-film-coating with plasma-assisted coating technologies
// Electro-plated and electro-less metal coatings
// Strip coating and reworking of used components
// Assembly of optical components
// Testing (spectrophotometer, interferometer)
// Product-specific test setups
// Pyrometer calibration
// Design of optical parts

Our competences in engineering and assembly_

// Mechanical design
// Electrical and software engineering
// Spin coating and functional coatings (e.g. wear resistant)
// Bonding techniques
// Ceramic thick-film technologies
// Coordinate measuring technologies
// X-Ray fluorescence
// Electron microscopy with EDX
// Assembly and testing


amcoss equipment for substrate coating and development_

// Spin coater and developer amc 1000+, amc 2000+, amc 2500,
amc r&d,
// amc hmds 200 equipment for HMDS adhesion
// Coating & development
// Hotplate / Coolplate
// Cleaning
// Customer specific equipment
// R&D equipment
// Laboratory hotplate
// Chiller & tempering units

amcoss engineering components_

// Variety of filters (e.g. I-line filter, G-line filter, sub-I-line filter, uniformity filter, gradientfilter), lenses (e.g. condenser lenses, corrector lenses, input lenses, zoom lenses, fly´s eye lenses) and mirrors for Canon, Nikon, ASML and Ultratech equipment
// Wafer-chucks for lithography, coating and other applications
// Optical fibres either of glass or sapphire
// Hotplates
// Metal, plastic or ceramics precision parts
// Wafer handlers, wafer end-effectors, dispense nozzles
// Optical coatings, protective coatings preventing deterioration and corrosion

amcoss repair service_

// Lamp house optics for G- and I-line steppers, scanners, and mask-aligners
// Canon and Nikon shutters and motors
// Canon stepper chucks and ASML wafer tables
// Zygo and HP lasers
// Robots and controllers
// Spin-motors
// Reflector-plates for RTP
// UV-reflectors for curing and CVD
// RTP bearings
// Gold reflectors for EPI and RTP
// EPI Centura
// Lenses from Canon and Nikon
// Spot Cures / lamp houses
// Calibration of pyrometers and tempmatch-tools
// Beamsplitters
// Optical Isolators
// Wafeplates
// Calibration pins
// Vacuum arms
// Gold sleeves

amcoss amc Spin Coaters & Developers
amcoss has surpassing knowledge in engineering and refurbishment of optics
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amcoss GmbH
Leusbundtweg 49a
6800 Feldkirch

phone  +43 5522 209 50
telefax  +43 5522 209 50-9

Press contact:

Petra Brandenburg
phone  +43 5522 209 50-41

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