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wtronic - electronic production GmbH

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wtronic operates as an EMS provider with 3 locations in the Alps Adriatic region

Company profile

The company wtronic electronic production gmbh is an Austrian family company that operates as an EMS provider in the Alps-Adriatic region.

The companies headquarter is in Carinthia (Austria), with production facilities in Attimis (Udine) and Postojna (Slovenia).

Our services include

- Advice and transition to series production

- the manufacture and trade of printed circuit boards (PCB)

- the procurement of materials and the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBA)

- the procurement of materials and the production of complete devices (FPA)

The entire organizational and administrative customer service takes place in the headquarter in Austria.

The assemblies are manufactured at the production in Attimis. The customer-specific complete devices are assembled at the site in Postojna.

Due to the company's locations in the Alps-Adriatic region and the short ways to the factories, was it possible to continue manufacturing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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wtronic - electronic production GmbH

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wtronic - electronic production GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Straße 1, 9100 Völkermarkt, Austria
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