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Innovative Mixed Signal Silicon Solutions Provider

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Founded in 2001, Union Semiconductor is a fabless integrated circuit design company, engaged in inventing, designing and marketing high performance linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for use in a variety of electronic equipment.
Union Semiconductor’s products bridge the analog real world and digital world by detecting, measuring, amplifying, converting power supply and providing protection for electronic circuits.

Union Semiconductor’s mission is to continuously develop high quality and innovative mixed signal IC solutions that add value to customers’ electronics equipment worldwide.

Our products include power supplies, power management circuits, analog switches, interface circuits, ESD protection ICs and EMI filters.
Union Semiconductor markets over 400 analog ICs for uses in a wide variety of electronic equipment. These include PCs and their peripherals, portable devices, instrumentation, test equipments and digital consumer electronics.

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Union Semiconductor (HK) Limited

Union Semi Product Line

Union Semiconductor (HK) Limited

Union Semi 2020 Electronica Presentation

Union Semiconductor (HK) Limited

Union Semi Product Selection Guide 2020 Ver 14


Union Semiconductor (HK) Limited
Unit 202, 2/F, Building 14, No. 8 Science Park West Avenue, HKSTP, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong
+852 83431122
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