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Debug, trace and test tools for multicore SoCs and microcontrollers

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PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH, based in Lauta (Germany), is the manufacturer of the debugger, trace and test framework Universal Debug Engine® (UDE). Thanks to its innovative tools for the development of embedded software, PLS has become one of the technology leaders in this field since its foundation in 1990. With its modular and flexible software architecture, the UDE offers development engineers the perfect environment for debugging, testing and system-level analysis of multicore SoCs and microcontrollers. UDE supports important architectures such as AURIX, TriCore, PowerArchitecture, NXP S32, Cortex-R/A/M, ARM7/9/11, Renesas RH850, R-Car and SH-2A, XC2000/XE166 as well as simulation platforms from various manufacturers. The Universal Access Device family (UAD2pro/UAD2next/UAD3+) completes UDE's extensive debugging capabilities with robust and efficient access to the target system.

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PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH

Universal Debug Engine UDE – Debug, Trace & Test


PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH
Technologiepark, 02991 Lauta, Germany
+49 35722 384-69
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