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KIENZLE SYSTEMS Flach-Eingabe-Systeme

KIENZLE SYSTEMS Flach-Eingabe-Systeme
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Input-Systems. Touch-Panels. Membrane-Switches. Design, Production & Support.

Company profile

Experience, creativity and competence, highest quality standards, excellent service, trustworthy cooperation and a team of experts - old enough to have experience, young enough to be flexible, to solve every challenge with enthusiasm and to stay young with progress - these are the characteristics of our products, this already since 1973.

Kienzle Systems.
Development, construction & production of innovative flat input systems. Control panels, electromechanical modules and touch-keyboard combinations are among the core competence areas of the company.

Kienzle Components.
Production & distribution of touch sensors in all technologies, touch controllers, membrane keyboards, etc. from our own companies as well as from manufacturers in our worldwide partner network.

Kienzle Mechanics.
Production of front panels, housings and other mechanical parts. CNC production on up to 5-axis machining centers, surface finishing and press-in technology.

Product presentations

KIENZLE SYSTEMS Flach-Eingabe-Systeme

Touch-keyboard combinations.

KIENZLE SYSTEMS Flach-Eingabe-Systeme

Membrane keyboards.


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KIENZLE SYSTEMS Flach-Eingabe-Systeme
Salinenstr. 26, 74177 Bad Friedrichshall, Germany
+49 7136 9638-38
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Mr. Jürgen Beaupain
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Ms. Bettina Morr
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Kienzle GmbH