Hammond Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Great selection, great quality, and great value in electronic enclosures.

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Hammond Manufacturing is a global manufactuer of electronic and electrial enclosures, transformers, 19" racks and accessories, outlet strips and accessories.

Hammond Manufacturing currently operates in Canada, USA, UK, EU, Australia, and Taiwan.

Hammond offers over 14,000 standard products which are available worldwide from the very best electronic distributors.

Hammond is also able to modify many of our products to customer specifications including services such as holes, cutouts, painting, printing.

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Hammond Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Hammond Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
394 Edinburgh Road North, N1H 1E5 Guelph, ON, Canada
+1 519 8220715
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Mr. Ross Hammond
Business Development Manager
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Hammond Manufacturing
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Mr. Russell Irvine
Account Manager
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Hammond Manufacturing
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Mr. Tom Ballou
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Hammond Manufacturing