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ElectronAix GmbH & Co. KG

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Kabel and Connector Good Quality and Service - from Experts Custom tailored

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ElectronAix - We care for your Connection

ElectronAix supplies custom tailored electrical connections made in Taiwan, China and Vietnam -
cable assemblies, wire harness, Micro Coax, LVDS, flexible flat cables and custom tailored connectors.

With our working partner in Taiwan, we convert your requests fast into reliable solutions. We combine German engineering and Asia culture.

All products are made on modern machines, highly automated.
Crimps are checked by cross section report.

Are you looking for…
… smaller dimensions?
… improved EMI?
… better quality?

Are you looking for a partner…
… who listens and understands your needs?
… who delivers solutions and converts them into products?
… who answers your questions clear, fast and helpful?
… who is reliable along the entire process and product lifecycle?
… who helps to make you more successful in your market?

Welcome to ElectronAix!

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ElectronAix GmbH & Co. KG

Custom tailored Connections


ElectronAix GmbH & Co. KG
Metzgerstr. 73, 52070 Aachen, Germany
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Mr. Michael Franzke
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Mr. Dipl.Ing. Peter Stremmer
ElectronAix GmbH & Co. KG