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DVS-VYCOM: A global partner for tailor made solutions from PCBs to the whole kit

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DVS-VYCOM is a global partner for specific solutions both from the elecronic to the whole product around it.

The PCB division, since almost 20 years in the market, is a combination of flexibility and reliabilty, supported by years of expertise and knowledge to drive manufactures through high level production standards. From the first technical approach, through the customer service, quality support, till the logistic service, DVS will deliver not only the PCB, but a full range of custom solution around it.

TEKNOKIT business unit is the perfect combination of technology and design to dress up your products.

A Skilled and trained team is performing tailor made solution every day, starting fron customer idea to end product delivery. From product design,through its development, , to prototyping, mould construction, moulding, keypad production, screen printing, all is taken care by our team, with sensitive and consistentcomunication with the customer. One and unique service for your idea.

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PCBs: Global and custom solutions


TEKNOKIT: Tech & design to dress up your product



Via Capitano Alessio 181, 36027 Rosà (VI), Italy
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