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RECOM Power GmbH
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RECOM manufactures a full range of standard and customized DC/DC and AC/DC converters in every power class from sub-1W to tens of kW, alongside switching regulators and LED drivers in a wide selection of formats. The company headquarters are located in Gmunden, Austria, and include a state-of-the-art logistics research and development centre and laboratory wing and is supported by a worldwide distribution network. The RECOM name has become synonymous with high quality, integrity, innovation and excellent customer service.

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RECOM Power GmbH

Power Modules Feature High Levels of Integration

RECOM Power GmbH

Power Control Systems, part of the RECOM Group

RECOM Power GmbH

Compact & cost effective AC power supplies (1-20W)

RECOM Power GmbH

SOIC-16 DC modules feature medical-grade isolation

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RECOM Power GmbH
Münzfeld 35, 4810 Gmunden, Austria
+43 7612 88325801
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