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15.-18. November 2022 | Messe München
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24GHz mmWave solution with Ultra low power radar sensing & heterogeneous fusion.


TeraSilIC has devoted itself to being your reliable partner for millimeter-wave integrated system solutions and dedicated at Ultra low power radar sensing & heterogeneous fusion. Through the most advanced CMOS manufacturing process, TeraSilIC’s mmWave transceiver products achieve the highest integration level among all competitors’ 24GHz products. We also provide multi-chip packages, sensor and module design solutions using our fully integrated CMOS transceivers that deliver unparalleled performance.​

Partnered with Universal Microwave Technology, TeraSilIC provides customers with a one-stop, seamless service of custom mmWave system integration and design service. The simulation, design, and production capability covers from nanoscale circuit systems to various large antenna arrays.