Weltleitmesse und Konferenz der Elektronik
15.-18. November 2022 | Messe München
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A leading manufacturer of high quality MnZn ferrite cores with requested design


Hengchuang Magnetic is a leading manufacturer of soft Mn-Zn ferrite cores, produce superior quality ferrites with requested material and design. It do professional research, development, production and sales of high-frequency power ferrite cores. At present, it has two factories located in China. Since 2002, Hengchuang Magnetic produced many kinds of soft ferrite cores with advanced production equipment and management method. Our ferrite cores are with large power, low temperature rise and low loss, which were installed in the welding machines, induction heating, ozonator, electrical dust-removing, plating power supplies, lighting, consumer electronics and so on. Product model size: EE13to EE640,UF11 to UF320, PQ20 to PQ109, PM50 to PM179, POT10 to POT300 etc.