Weltleitmesse und Konferenz der Elektronik
15.-18. November 2022 | Messe München
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Development of high-performance, customized data acquisition devices.


Instrumentation Technologies started 24 years ago in the field of particle accelerators, offering a wide range of high-performance measurement instruments.

Using the knowledge gained in the field of particle accelerators, we are now able to offer the development of customized data acquisition devices specialized in high-speed and poor signal-to-noise ratio signals. Our solutions are used in technologically demanding fields, such as automotive, IoT, smart cities, telecommunications, aerospace, energy, and defense. We provide complex hardware, FPGA, and embedded software design, rapid prototyping, product development, and EMC certification assistance.

We are proud to work with companies like JPL, Alstom, HighVolt, Danfoss, Itron, Rimac, BMW, Desy, CERN.