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High-reliability thick-film fuses and Chip Beads - for Space Applications


Hi-Rel Fuses

AEM is the sole QPL listed manufacturer of solid body, current limiting fuses produced using a thick film technique for the aerospace industry. Our fuses have been chosen by most major space programs and have been in orbit for the past 30-plus years with zero reported failures. 

Hi-Rel Ferrite Chips

HRB / DSCC 03024 Hi-Rel Ferrite Chip Beads Initial AEM HRB 487070 drawing was developed to meet a market need for a hi-rel ferrite chip. DSCC 03024 drawing is the progressive step to meet increasing hi-rel Mil Spec program requirements. 

Tin Whisker Mitigation

Tin Whisker Mitigation (TWM) by adding lead (Pb) to chip size components with pure tin (Sn) terminals.  Our Sn-Pb conversion process involves both Sn-Pb plating and subsequent fusion processing to ensure that the resultant component terminations are a homogenous mixture of Sn-Pb.