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15.-18. November 2022 | Messe München
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CIMULEC GROUPE produced PCB for MIL-AVIONICS-SPACE applications.

3 companies to support your projects.

CIMULEC plant produce for MIL-Space projects : HDI - Rigid  - flex rigid - special PCB - RF PCB - embedded componants PCB. 40 years of know how.

SYSTRONIC plant produce for AVIONIC-SPACE projects : HDI - Rigid  - RF PCB - Flex rigid - ESA PCB. 50 years of know how.

CSI Sud Ouest produce prototypes and quick service PCB for MIL-AVIONICS-SPACE projects : HDI- Flex rigid - Rigid - RF PCB. 20 years of know how.

Qualifications :

MIL - EN 9100 - ESA - UL

Our services :

Design For Manufacturing

Design to Cost

Cimulec group is the PCB partner of the main MIL-AVIONICS-SPACE companies of the world.

Produkt- und Dienstleistungsangebot


Rue Charles Picard, 57365 Ennery, Frankreich