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Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd

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Optimize your sourcing where quality and costs are paramount at Dynamic Domain.


Incorporated in Hong Kong and Singapore since 2013, Dynamic Domain bridges the demands of the electronics market with supplies from reliable and authorized sources. Specialized in distribution of electronics components and products such as discrete, passive, ICs, modules, electro-mechanical, sub-assemblies, finished goods etc, Dynamic Domain has been helping customers value-add, grow their revenue and optimize their supply chain flow while cutting down the need for labor-intensive processes such as in-house sourcing, demand forecasting, inventory management, replenishment planning and production. With regional presence in South Asia and Greater China, Dynamic Domain’s customer base spans across the globe from US, UK, EU, Israel, Dubai, Japan, S. Korea, South Asia to Greater China. Dynamic Domain is able to help organizations scale their business through knowledge, connections and industry expertise.


Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd

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Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd
Robertsons Quay 93, Unit #07-01, Singapore 238255, Singapur
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Herr John Wong
Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd
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Herr Joshua Wong
Senior Manager
Marketing & Business Development
Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd
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Herr Sam Wong
Dynamic Domain Pte Ltd