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HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.

HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.
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Hagiwara is one of Japans' major industrial flash storage manufacturers.


Hagiwara Solutions has developed a solid track record as a pioneer in flash storage for industrial purposes.
With more than 20 years of experience, we have built an excellent organization with high levels of R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and technical support. Our performance positions our brand as an innovative and reputable manufacturer. Our products are designed and manufactured in Japan, and we are proud to have obtained unwavering customer satisfaction with the highest quality and reliable products.

No.1 market share in Japan for industrial Flash Storage (In our survey)
Our company realized the possibility of flash memory in 1995 and started the development of Industrial Flash Storage controller IC and Products.
We continue to challenge developing “HIGH QUALITY” Industrial Flash Storage.



HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.

High Speed Interface PCIe NVMe SSD

HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.

SD Memory Card Solution

HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.

Reliable eMMC

HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.

Super Light Weight Rugged Tablet PC



HAGIWARA Solutions Co., Ltd.
2-5-12 Nishiki, Nakaku-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 4600003, Japan
+81 3 3556-5018
Kontakt Presse
Herr Hajime Agata
Kontakt Vertrieb
Herr Shinobu Ito
Global Marketing Manager
Kontakt Technik
Herr Shigeru Hoshina
Field Application Engineer