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EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp

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Hersteller von industriellen Smart Embedded Touch Displays mit weltweitem Support


With our specialty and expertise in display manufacturing, combined with our own patent technology range of capacitive touch panel products, we are not just a display manufacturer, but an integrated solution provider. We offer the possibility of full customized solution and embedded integration to complement your unique HMI and GUI design and features. It is our core competitiveness to provide design services and integrate customized features onto display modules for your product, which means an easier integration and a simpler supply chain.

Developing and manufacturing capacitive touch panels and LCD displays with high quality and longevity support means full vertical integration control of all processes. Hence production is optimized to provide efficiency and reduce materials and energy waste. The technology is mature but still frontrunner in business, which means keeping a high product quality with reduced costs and optimized sustainable development profile.

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EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp

Full Integrated STM32 HMI-Display-Touch solutions


EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp
Raadhustorvet 3, 3520 Farum, Dänemark
+45 4434 6309
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